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Cabin Rental Owners

GSMVRO is cabin listing service for vacation rentals in the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains regions of the Southeast U.S. This includes Georgia, North Carolina,Tennessee and Virginia.

GSMVRO is an Internet classified advertising service that
represents a new way for your customer to find their favorite mountain vacation rental. GSMVRO will help you gain additional exposure for your vacation cabin rental, whether you are the property owner or a property management company. We
use every possible method to acheive high search engine rankings. We submit each and every vacation cabin rental listing on our site to the two largest internet search engine marketplaces on a weekly basis. the result can be up to 3 times
the chances of your vacation rental being viewed by potential
renters-vacationers. We specialize in 
Gatlinburg cabins  and Pigeon Forge cabin rentals. And before you plan your trip to the Smokies visit our Gatlinburg Web Cam page. We just want you to know that we cover all areas of the Smoky Mountains but our home is Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, that is why we pride ourselves on having the best selection of Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals.

What's Different About GSMVRO.Com?

  • GSMVRO does not own or manage any of the listed properties, we are here to guide potential vacationers to your cabin rental - listings and website. Our Goal? make finding a vacation cabin getaway as easy as possible for your potential customers. Potential vacationers can search for cabin rentals by  # of bedrooms and baths, view type(mountain,lake, woods,etc) city, distance from zip code... well the possibilities are countless.
  •  GSMVRO can feature a video tour of your cabin rental - property on our website. Up to 10 minutes long.
  • GSMVRO has Google maps and satellite views of your vacation cabin rental
  •  Many property owners are encouraged to advertise their cabin rental on national Vacation cabin rental websites where their listing can become lost among 150,000+ properties world wide!  GSMVRO only accepts cabin rental listings in the Great Smoky Mountains or Blue Ridge Mountains regions. We do this to insure maximum exposure for our Rental cabin owners and advertisers. And to target the specific group of vacationers who travel to these regions. Cabin - PROPERTY OWNERS dont waste your advertising dollars on sites that claim to cover the entire planet. We target the customers looking for your region/area only. Vacation rental websitesBenefits
Vacation Rental website Coverage AreaONLY the Great Smoky and Blue Ridge MountainsThe Entire WorldGSMVRO targets your specific customers. Your ad listing will not get lost among 150,000+ Vacation Rentals from all over the world like some national sites boast!
Easy URL for each Listing allows renters/vacationers to easily find your ad from business card or other forms of advertisementsyesyesMake business cards for your listing that are quick and easy to locate your rental ad E.G.: -this takes you strait to your listing #256 without typing long complicated url
search by cityyesyes
search by # of bedsyesyes
search by # of bathsyesyes
search by zip codeYESNOGSMVRO offers ease of use and flexibility.
search by distance from zip codeYESNOGSMVRO lets renters/vacationers search from a 10 mile to 150 mile radius around their choice zip code.
search by bldg typeYESNO you must search each ad 1 at a time to see bldg typeGSMVRO lets renters/vacationers search for specific rental types eg:chalet, log cabin, cottage, townhouse/condo, etc. or they can search all listings without any filters applied.
search by viewYESNO you must search each ad 1 at a time to see view typeGSMVRO lets renters/vacationers quickly search for the view type they prefer e.g.: mountain, river/creek, woods, lake, city etc. or they can search all listings without any filters applied.
photo of vacation rentals display in initial search results.YES all ads have preview photo in search resultsNO you must open each ad 1 at a time to see what the vacation rental looks likeGSMVRO uses preview photos which saves time for renters/vacationers by avoiding unnecessary click throughs on ads without preview photos. Property owners are assured more click thoughs preview photo assures your ad will more likely to be viewed.
save ad to favoritesYESNOGSMVRO enables renters/vacationers to easily find previously-viewed rental ads that had interested them.
Weather conditions for each vacation rental automatically display in ad regardless of city or location.YESNOGSMVRO weather display adds convenience for renters/vacationers, quickly get a feel for each vacation rental properties current weather conditions and links to view the 10 day forecast.
Google maps and satellite photos of most vacation rentalsYESNOGSMVRO lets renters/vacationers easily find landmarks and major roads near the vacation rental. Satellite photo is large enough to recognize most rental properties.
Basic ad price yearly$119.95179.95+GSMVRO offers great value
# of photos in basic ad33
Additional fee for 12 photos total displayed in ad (yearly)$119.95$215+GSMVRO offers great value Vacation rental websitesBenefits
Featured ad cost (yearly)89.95 shows before basic ads in search resultsN/A the more photos you purchase the higher your rank in search resultsGSMVRO lets you feature your listing whether you have 3 photos or 12 it is your option. Our competition forces you to buy the maximum # of photos to insure a high ranking in search results Plus you get the free video option with your featured ad.
Ads can display videos tours up to 10 minutes in length.YESNOGSMVRO lets you upload up to a 10 minute video tour showcasing your rental. Watch your rentals grow by leaps and bounds! (available only on featured ads)
Additional fee for video tour feature in ad (yearly)Included with feature adNot availableAll featured ads on GSMVRO include at no additional charge the ability to display up to a 10 minute tour video of each vacation rental listing. Our competition can not display your video on their website.
First 60 days freeYESNONo risk for 60 days on GSMVRO
Listings can contain ad profile and logo and all information of rental/property management company.YESNOGSMVRO lets vacationers/renters easily contact management company or find more listings by the property management company
Search engine for rental/property management companiesYESNOGet additional exposure from property owners seeking a management company in their area. All management companies who place vacation rental ads on GSMVRO automatically get listed in our management listings.
Property managers logo and profile and contact info in every ad they place.YESNOGSMVRO gains additional exposure from property owners seeking a management company in their area. All management companies who place vacation rental ads on GSMVRO automatically get listed in our Rental/management listings.
Each individual vacation rental ad listing is submitted daily/weekly to the 2 largest search engine market places on the webYES?GSMVRO individually submits each ad listing to the 2 largest online market places on the web on a weekly basis, one ad placed on GSMVRO get you three ads and much greater exposure.
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