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Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions with answers. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us.

Homeaway Calendar

Q: How do I display my Homeaway calendar on my GSMVRO website listing
A: Displaying your listing's availability calendar on your personal website Sign into your Homeaway account. If you have more than one listing, click the one you want to edit. Click the Marketing Tools. Click Widgets. Click Learn More. Choose the orientation of the calendar - horizontal only. Choose to display a two/three-month view of your calendar. Copy the source code (HTML code) provided . Email the the HTML code to us with your GSMVRO listing number and we will add it to your listing.

Q: How much does it cost to register?
A: Nothing. Registration is FREE.
Q: Do I have to register to use the site?
A: No. You can browse and search GSMVRO ads without registering. We reccommend that you register, to save time, as the site will remember various preferences for you. Plus you can have all the latest ads matching your search criteria emailed to you. If you want to create and place ads, you will need to register. Also be sure to set your email spam filter to allow email from the
Pricing and Payment

Q: How Much Do Ads Cost?
A: Basic ads start at $11.95 per month. Featured ads are additional.(prices are based on 1 year ad listings). Ads can be run for as little as 30 days. Please see our Pricing Page for all details.
Q: How Long Does an Ad Run?
A: Each ad runs for 30 days,60 days,120 days or 1 year, choose the subscription and price plan that best suits you. Note: yearly plans offer the best value.
Q: How do GSMVRO ad prices compare to it's competitors?
A: Some companies charge high base rates and then charge hundreds of dollars per year additional for just a 8-10 more photos! Or our competitors charge hundreds extra for a few more words in your ad description! You will find that GSMVRO offers outstanding value for all of it's pricing packages. And we only serve the Great Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains regions of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Don't let your rental get lost among 150,000+ listings as some national vacation rental websites claim to have. Advertise your property on GSMVRO where the targeted viewers seek a vacation rental property only in your area!
Q: Why should I use GSMVRO instead of one of your competitors?
A: We offer the best value for your dollar. 3 photos are standard and up to 12 photos are available for a slight additional charge. Our "Featured Ad" option allows up to a 10 minute video of your rental property. This will allow potential renters to really get a feel for your property and this can markedly enhance your rental income! We also offer automatically created Google maps for almost every property with an address listed. Let the potential renter see exactly where the property is located.
Creating and Managing Ads

Q: I have a video of my rental property can GSMVRO display this video in my ad?
A: Sure we can display that video for you! You just need to upload your video to a video hosting site called YouTube, video hosting site and then just paste the embed address seen beneath your video into the the video url box during your ad creation or you can come back and ad it anytime in the future! Remember only featured ads can display videos. Basic ads can not display videos. Video can be up to 10 minutes long with a file size of 100mb
Q: Can I list my vacation rental from Florida on your site?
A: We are sorry. Great Smoky Mountains Vacation Rentals Online only accepts vacation rental ads From the Great Smoky Mountains or the Blue Ridge Mountain Regions of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Q: Do I Have to Register to Create Ads?
A: Yes. You must be a registered user to create ads. Registration is free. Please review our pricing section before placing your ad.
Q: I created an ad, but it does not show up in search results. Why?
A: You need to run your ad. Go to My Account and click on Run ad to the left of the ad you wish to run. The system will ask for your credit card information or coupon code, your ad will run/published as soon as your payment or coupon code is processed.
Q: How many photos of my property can I place in my ad?
A: Basic ads are allowed 3 photos, choose the additional photos option for displaying up to 12 photos!
Q: What region should I put my ad in?
A: The region your rental home is physically located. By default the region will be the region you specified on your profile when you registered, but you can change this at any time. If you do not see your specific region please choose eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, north Georgia or western Virginia.
Q: Will my ad be visible in other regions?
A: Yes. All ads are visible in any region. The system will, however, always show a person ads in their region first, then ads from outside their region.
Q: I have completed my ad but the "Availability Calendar" does not work?
A: Log into your account click on edit ad scroll down to "Calendar website" data entry box, and type in the url of the page or copy and paste the url of the page your website calendar is located on, and save changes at bottom. Eg: Http://WWW.gatlinburg-logcabins/bearsden/ Also your website administrator can tell you the exact url if needed.
Q: I have completed my ad and the link to my vacation property on my website/property managers website does not work?
A: Log into your account click on edit ad and scroll down to the "Website Address" data entry box and type in the url of the page your vacation property is located on your website or the page on your property managers wesite that displays your property, and save changes at bottom. Eg: Http://WWW.gatlinburg-logcabins/bearsden/.com Also your website administrator can tell you the exact url if needed.
Q: I have completed my ad but the Google maps and satellite photo feature do not display when I view the GSMVRO website?
A: Log into your account click on edit ad scroll down to the "Map Point" data entry box and enter the latitude and Longitude of your vacation rental property into the appropriate data boxes. If you do not know these coordinates click on "get Lat/Long from address or map point" and fill in all address information and then press the "Map Address" button, a map or satellite photo will appear showing the approximate location of your property. Zoom in as far as possible with zoom key. If the red pushpin is not located directly on your property you may click and drag the push pin till it is where you want it. Then press "Click here to use Current Point" In some rare cases addresses for remote properties will not automatically find the Lat/Long points. We suggest repeating the last step deleting all of your address information except for your State, zip code and the 4 digit extension to your zip code. This will create a Google map that is close but not exact. Then click and drag the red push pin manaually to your exact property location then press click here to use current point. NOTE: any hand held GPS or automobile navigation system will give the exact latitude and longitude of your property.

Q: I don't want my name, phone number or email address to appear on your site. What should I do?
A: You can have all your personal information remain private. Update your personal privacy preferences from the My Account page.
Q: If I choose to keep all of my information private how can a buyer contact me?
A: When your ad appears, instead of showing your contact information the following appears: "This seller has chosen to remain private. You may contact this seller via anonymous email by clicking here." The prospective buyer completes an on-line form and the system sends you an email without revealing your information to the prospective buyer.
Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: See Privacy Policy for details.
Property Owners

Q: I want to place my vacation rental on business cards but the url to my page is so long I am afraid potential customers wont be able to find my ad listing when they come to your site, there must be a better way than having them type all of this!
A: We agree 100%-every ad has a shortcut for example the property at can easily be accessed by simply typing just add your property id # to it is that easy.

Q: How Do Regions Work?
A: covers Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, And Virginia. When you register or create ads, you select a region. When you browse ads, ads your choice region will be shown first. When you search for ads, ads in your choice region will be shown first. Although there are many other regions listed be sure to select a region in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, And Virginia. only accepts vacation rental ads from these areas
Q: I don't see my city listed. What region should I choose?
A: If you are listing your property on our site choose the city/Region closest to your vacation rental property. If none of the regions are close select a larger region such as 'western North Carolina" or "eastern Tennessee" If you are using our site to search for a vacation rental property then choose the city/region nearest to the location you desire to rent in. or select the zip code you prefer and search by distance from that center point. You can always search any area regardless of what choice/region area you choose. If any city has more than 10 ads running we will create a new region just for that area.

Gatlinburg Cabins and Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals and Chalets

GSMVRO offers 100's of Gatlinburg Cabins with amazing views of the Mountains and valley's of TN. See chalets and Gatlinburg cabin rentals that will make your friends and family want to visit the Smoky Mountains every year, you will want to visit Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains every year and you will never get tired of this much beauty and nature in one location. Be sure to browse our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals section for nice vacation rentals near the Titanic, Dollywood, Splash Country and more. For live views of the Gatlinburg Parkway and Pigeon Forge Parkway be sure to stop by and visit our Gatlinburg Web Cam page, it is the next best thing to being here in Tennessee!

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